Pledging support for a home for German Chub Choc and his family

Although the focus of my blog has widened, I began EdgyAmelia as a place to share information about disability rights and human rights issues as they relate to German Chub Choc. German Choc is a young Guatemalan man of indigenous Maya Qeqchi descent. He lives in El Estor, a region harmed by HudBay Minerals, an exploitative Canadian nickel-mining corporation. In 2009, German was paralyzed when private security guards hired by HudBay Minerals’ subsidiary in Guatemala, CGN, shot him in an unprovoked attack.

I have described how HudBay Minerals’ brutalization of the Maya Qeqchi communities led to the attack in “German Choc is a Human Rights Defender–Intersectional Identities.”  German Choc will share his own story in the forthcoming documentary film Defensora. The moving trailer, which shows the people of El Estor’s struggle to attain justice against HudBay Minerals, is available at I encourage you to watch and share the trailer for Defensora through Causes, available at this link:

 Now, I wish to give an update on German Choc and his family, and share information about an exciting opportunity to support the Choc family’s self-sufficiency by raising fund for their home and land.

Update on German’s store

German Choc in his store, 2012.

Since January 2012, German has been operating a small corner store from a room in his home, where he lives with his wife and young son. The organization Rights Action, which funds and works with community human rights and development organizations in Guatemala, was able to raise the start-up funds for this store with support from individual donors and a small foundation.

Update on Choc Family

Unfortunately, German Choc and his parents are not able to sustain themselves financially. To help German Choc and his family live with greater economic security, Rights Action aims to purchase a small plot of land with a small home for German Choc to live with his wife, son, and parents. The Choc family would plan to build an addition for German’s store, and adapt the house and path to be wheelchair accessible.

German sits on the plot of land, by the bamboo walled home, where he hopes to live with his wife, young son and parents. July, 2012.

Rights Action needs help raising $22,500 for this plot of land and accessible home for the Choc family, and is seeking pledges from people to raise or donate $500 or more. The ultimate goal of purchasing the land and home is to help the Choc family acquire long-term economic self-sufficiency by providing a space where German can operate his store, and land where his parents can farm. To help the Choc family achieve long-term stability, which was violently taken from them when German was attacked:

  • I ask that you please share this post with your networks, and please consider making a pledge toward purchasing land and a home for the Choc family.
  • To make a pledge, please contact Rights Action Co-Director Grahame Russell via phone: 860-352-2448 or email:
  • Once Rights Action has acquired pledges near $22,500, Rights Action will send the entire amount to the Choc family, and ask the people who have made pledges to send Rights Action the amount they have raised.

German Choc and his family, 2012.

The Budget shows how pledges will be used to purchase land and a home for the Choc family

CANTIDAD/Quantity CONCEPTO/ Description PRECIO/Price
1 Compra de un lote, 30 x 60 metros + casita /Puchase of plot of land (approx. half-acre) + small home $15,000
1 Adaptacion y expansion de la casita, 1,432 pies de tabla / Expansion and re-modeling work on small home $5,000
24 Láminas de 10 pies / Tin roofing and building materials $500
  Mano de obra / Labor $2,000
TOTAL $22,500



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