Introducing New and Noteworthy

A recent conversation with friends inspired me to begin mixing up my longer blog posts with these short updates of new and interesting things I wish to highlight. These “New and Noteworthy” posts will include links to articles, events, podcasts etc. on topics relating to the issues discussed here on Edgy Amelia.

1. Interesting Study of Immigrant Children’s Health with specific focus on Asthma and Obesity in Latino immigrant children. Van Hook, Jennifer, Nancy S. Landale, and Marianne M. Hillemeier. “Is the United States Bad for Children’s Health? Risk and Resilience Among Young Children of Immigrants.” Migration Policy Institute. July 2013.

2.  Map illustrating how the Affordable Care Act affects State Community Benefit Laws. “Community Benefit State Law Profiles: A 50-State Survey of State Community Benefit Laws through the Lens of the ACA.”

3. Domestic Violence Screening and Counseling Toolkit. The National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence. 2013. This toolkit offers health care providers and advocates for victims the tools to prepare a clinical practice to address domestic and sexual violence, including screening instruments, sample scripts for providers, patient and provider education resources. It also offers strategies for forging partnerships between health care and domestic and sexual violence programs.


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