New and Noteworthy: Anti-bias children’s books and addressing school & residential segreation

I have a part-time job in Elementary Education, and as a strong believer that “you have to be taught to hate (before you are six or seven or eight)” I am developing a reading list of anti-bias children’s books.

Below are my favorite websites for finding multilingual children’s books featuring strong characters of color, who are LGBTQ, have disabilities, etc. 

1. Topka Topka is a publisher of bilingual Spanish/English children’s books “in which the main characters are different kinds of children who come from different types of family, and in which the stories deal with the conflicts, situations and dreams which we all share.”

2. Mantra Lingua is a UK based publisher of multi-lingual resources

 Reports from Appleseed on School and Residential Segregation

3. Within Our Reach: Segreation in NYC Elementary Schools and What We Can Do About It: School-to-School Diversity.

4. Preserving Affordable Housing in Gentrifying Neighborhoods: Strategies to Prevent Displacement.


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